IMG_7879the chiropractor’s office has a koi pond and released a rescued frog into it on friday.

IMG_7884midterms require homemade plain granola!

IMG_7848sycamore tree seed pods

IMG_7577these tea tags give me a little joy every time! i miss the garden right now.

IMG_7748some curious kill debris under my office. poo and fur! we have had some coyote activity lately according to the neighbors. the dog is going crazy early in the morning. we also have a new visiting cat that could be the culprit as well. either way the lost sleep is not making us joyful.

IMG_7827it’s been a while since i’ve posted a note about typography. i am always happy to see when a publisher does this credit at the end of a book.

IMG_7835the lake was generous!

IMG_7867a wet robin’s nest on the ground. i think from all the windy weather!

IMG_7678IMG_7680IMG_7689today we had a very light dusting of snow. it fell like powdered sugar. later in the afternoon my oldest spotted this woolly bear on the driveway. a much longer brown stripe this year which is supposed to indicate a mild winter. we shall see! what is a woolly bear caterpillar doing crossing the driveway in December, anyway?!

IMG_7520our 15 year old Ginkgo biloba tree about to drop all its leaves. such a pretty gold color against the burning bush in front of our window.

IMG_7524a few days later: a perfect golden circle of leaves!

IMG_7549yesterday, it became winter. 7.5 inches of snow. This was taken yesterday afternoon. Snow fell all day into the evening. 25 degrees Fahrenheit today. no school.

IMG_7447one row left. frost may get it before we eat it. there is a little chard left too. the deer love chard!

IMG_5261last tomatoes roasted with shallots, olive oil, and garlic.

IMG_5273IMG_5326last of the collards with lots of garlic, lemon, olive oil, salt, and pepper.

I have learned a lot of lessons gardening this year. one is not being “thrown off”. our summer was extended here, but really the weather is not what is to be followed. its your gut as a gardener. putting off garden work means more work for the following season. fall came today in Michigan. its letting me know i should have gotten the garlic in last weekend! the last post i wrote, i didn’t live up to, and now i’ll be working harder to live up to those words. above are the roma tomatoes that came up to color on the kitchen counter and were turned into sauce. while cutting back the anise i found these two chrysalis. I can’t tell if they are done or not. maybe you could help me with that? and the praying mantis. i’ve been looking in the usual place all summer but found it while cutting back the day lilies when usually it would be hanging out on the ornamental grasses.