groundhogs, bunnies and if you look to the right of the last garden cam, a baby raccoon trapeze artist (oh my)! the beans are delicious, but i don’t think we will get any cucumbers or zucchini this year. i picked most of the tomatoes early to ripen them inside.


the maze of garden beds has changed to four simple beds with two vertical climbing features for beans and cukes. IMG_6699nasturtiums hide the onions, bean plants, and rows of mesclun lettuces. fingering potatoes on the right corner here with onions.

IMG_6700gigantic reseeded kale hiding carrots and lettuce!

IMG_6701chard, romaine lettuce (bunny fav), more kales (one is siberian dwarf which was featured in last post), and cauliflower on the opposite end. trying kohlrabi in the middle but i don’t think my seeds are good any more. may fill in with more lettuces.

IMG_6692just a little path that i’m always weeding and its flanked by solomon’s seal which i keep adding everywhere because i love it.

IMG_6693tomatoes growing nicely! stay away raccoons, squirrels, possums! more beans on the other side climbing. tomatoes starting to reach over to hold on which is whole idea. featured: my noise maker metal lid invention that doesn’t work.

IMG_6694IMG_6686pounded by rain, penstemon dark towers has filled in nicely in this spot. this is a hummingbird favorite, but i’ve only seen bees so far. i did spy a hummer on the pulmonary (lungwort) in the late spring. i did not know they like those flowers!

IMG_6687IMG_6689boys’ old sandbox has turned into the joiner/natives garden. it has turned into where the native weeds/plants go before i put them back out in the border. the grasses love it obviously and want to take over the whole thing. the alliums were planted in fall. containers of cosmos, echinacea, and catmint started a few days ago. bodhisattva’s smiling face blocked by grass.

IMG_6690love this ground cover (moneywort, creeping jenny, lysimachia n. aurea). i keep pulling it out and putting it other places. it really loved the rainy spring. this is the best bloom we have ever had.

and finally before it rains again…bless these gardeners…i hope they get 6 years worth of produce in one season!

IMG_6643first harvest of a type of collard (i think). I need to check my labels! cooked this with garlic and olive oil and put in tacos. yum.

IMG_6635a shredded bunny. it lived for a night. don’t know how this guy got away from whatever got a hold of it first. bad parts not shown. just hope it wasn’t the dog. the rabbits are loving our parsley, dill, and now the new perennials i just planted but so sad when they get hurt. you just have to plant enough for everyone…even the animals.

IMG_6638we are always finding bits of fine china and now part of a anchor hocking baking dish in the garden soil.

IMG_6436IMG_6438i have not documented the changes that have happened in our veggie area this season but it is done! we got seeds in on mother’s day weekend and tomatoes in this week (the first full moon). the space overall is smaller with just four raised beds. we added a vertical feature in two of the beds so we can have beans and cukes climb vertically. this is the second year that i have used trifecta fertilizer. it is made in michigan from the good folks at migardener. this is the first year that i have planted dwarf marigolds in with the veggies. usually i use nasturtium. we planted both this year.

IMG_6265not so great for this catfish. the record for a catfish caught from Lake Michigan is 52.0 pounds and measured 46.02 inches. the weather is possibly bringing us snow!

IMG_5930blue sky and sun is welcome.

IMG_5935spot the nuthatch!

IMG_5926vintage brown ceramic threaded insulator found in backyard. thanks, mom & sister for helping me figure it out!

IMG_5945what’s worse in the garden than invasive species? forest ponies. we just love them but they are very interested in what we are going to plant this year. not afraid as i walked around them taking pictures of weeds.