took a walk through the yard today while the golden retriever played with his frozen tennis ball. before the 6 inch snow fall i dropped some poppy seeds in the deer tracks along the back fence line. in this photo the Rudbekia are waiting for the birds.

deer tracks all over the place, turning on all the motion sensor lights distracting us from our series!

the garden is super cozy under the snow. no deer tracks in the raised beds yet!

Echinacea seed pods enjoying the sun at 25 degrees.

i love the shadows on the snow.


the garden beds were put to sleep for the winter. before the hard frost i clipped vegetables at the stalks, left the roots, covered everything with nearby leaves, sprinkled trifecta fertilizer, then covered with burlap. i left some openings for leeks, parsley, and onions. I thought that I might use some of those plants for Thanksgiving, but I didn’t. did i mention that i did a soil test over the summer? the test results were positive. i did not have to amend the soil. this was surprising to me because the soil is ancient. at this time of year i am supposed to be planning what to plant for next year but i’m taking a break. the only thing planned for next year so far is garlic, arugula, and nasturtiums because deer don’t eat those plants.

nasturtium seeds on the left. arugula seed pods on the right. arugula was popular with the neighbors!

everything written by this author i like.

everything this author writes i like.

i probably won’t post again until the new year. this sentiment exactly to you.

the last eggplants (the round one is rosa bianca) of the season. i think i failed on the fall kale bed, but maybe it will surprise us? It’s 54 degrees today and beautiful. frost has been happening in the mornings!

next season i need to plant more potatoes. it is so fun and easy! this summer i only planted fingerlings. this was taken last week. this week has been rainy and i’ve been dividing some perennials and cutting some things back and getting ready for fall. my tiny tomatoes and eggplants are still producing. the nights are getting chillier and the skunks are about! i have been freezing herbs. i made a lot of pesto and i’m running out of freezer space. i planted some kale seeds last week. i’ll report back in October!

first of our ‘Little Fingers’ eggplant amongst our tiny tomatoes. i cooked up the eggplant in some homemade sauce last night.

this was a surprise when I was making a batch of pesto! I think this is Ruby Tiger moth caterpillar. at first i thought it was a woolly bear. I put it back with the basil because there is enough for more pesto making.

cosmo with a tiny bee.
i’m trying to find out if this is a ground cherry and if I can eat it. I’ve been pulling this as a weed every year. it usually pops up between me and the neighbor’s fence. It’s in the nightshade family.

monarch on the joe pye weed. on this day there were so many bees on the flowers. i love this plant.

beans are hidden behind the basil this year.

lots of zucchini this summer!

some gnarly radishes that i forgot about. some were still good and spicy to eat.

little yellow tomatoes are so good this year!
armenian cucumbers! really yummy with hummus!
harvested all the garlic today! now what will i plant in its place?!
squash and zucchini coming fast with all the heat!
last night we had summer pasta with basil, this yellow squash & zucchini, green beens, tomatoes, garlic (from last season), olive oil, and parm.


a new addition to the fence line, Royal Catchfly that attracts hummingbirds! It is a Missouri native.
the west bed is basil on the left, beans behind that, and fingerling potatoes on the right. Garlic almost ready to harvest in back!
lots of yellow squash are on the way!
squash and zucchini are south, then some late planted tomatoes that were just popping up from last year, a row of parsley, some purple kohlrabi.
the tiniest tomatoes i’ve ever planted. how cute are they?!
here is the view from the east. right in front there is the tomatoes with cukes climbing up the fence. lots of cucumbers right now! tomatoes are on the other side too with the same thing going on except in front i have 2 eggplants.
oh, an up close of the kohlrabi!
and here is the greens patch. a bit dismal. something ate all the chard. that’s arugula in the middle. do you see how something has dug holes and messed up my beautiful soil conditioner/mulch topper?! going north is some mesclun, romaine, and more kohlrabi. that kohlrabi is not purple. I planted some onions in here too. I have a whole other compost area garden going on that is serving as a deterrent garden for the rabbits but it’s not really working.
a little earlier in June. the squash mounds with marigolds protecting them and kohlrabi seedlings in front.
a rhubarb peach pie for the love
found this ladybug hiding under a leaf after rain. i put the leaf back on top.
this new planting i’ve been working on. it was full of daylily. the deer love daylily so my strategy was to remove it all and replace with things they don’t like.
the compost pile baking everything
how i start a pathway: weed, newspaper, rhubarb leaves, then mulch.
lily of the valley crowding out the pathway.
look at this purple coneflower! it’s a twin! two blooms on one stem!
i tied up tomatoes yesterday. this might get a little crowded. i planted a lot of cucumbers in here. they are starting to climb. there are two snap bean plants too but they may get crowded out.
look at the garlic growing! i have cilantro and dill growing on that side. fingerling potatoes and basil on the right. i had planted beans too but something keeps eating my seedlings this year.
i added soil conditioner this season to help the soil and help with the weeds. i had a soil test and the results were good. i don’t have to amend the soil but purslane loves to grow in the soil. i love to munch on it but it will take over everything if i don’t pull and suppress it.
i did not love it as much as All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, but I did enjoy it.