IMG_4826not together! but you may be able to make pesto from pigweed. i will need to research further. first batches of pesto included sunflower seed and pumpkin seed!

IMG_4838pigweed (amaranth) comes up every year in my raised beds. i have no idea where it comes from since i usually pull it before it goes to seed. I guess I don’t get it all. It gets quite tall and seems to support other plants that like to topple over like dill! Here is what I learned about it: It’s edible, a companion plant that serves as a trap for leaf miners; it shelters ground beetles which prey upon insect pests; breaks up hard soils for neighboring plants. Now I feel guilty for pulling it.



IMG_4801If you went to camp you probably learned about this one: Broadleaf Plantain. Introduced from Europe in the 1600s. It loves poor soil conditions which we must have. It can be crushed or chewed and applied directly to stings, bug bites, rashes, and more. Lately, I came into contact with something itchy and I used the leaves mostly as a wash rag with water and wiped my arms down. I can’t really say if the plantain worked or the water worked but the itching did stop immediately. Now I don’t know about the stem! I’ll research that eventually.

IMG_4806this is not a weed! It’s my string beans surrounded by baby weeds! I’m showing this to you because the deer are eating all the leaves but the plant still grows the beans. Incredible!

IMG_4809This is purslane which I have A LOT of every year! I munch on this while I’m weeding. I love it and it is a ‘superfood’! I found this information last year and I’m sorry that I’m not crediting who wrote about it.

purslane: boasts the highest-yet-measured levels of omega-3 fatty acids in a plant. It is also high in vitamin A and vitamin C, and vitamin B complex, calcium magnesium and potassium.


IMG_4798an heirloom. This is a oxheart.

IMG_0679monarch, bee, and ant sharing a coneflower taken by my husband! Thank you!

IMG_4759lots of workers before the rain comes again.

IMG_4715first cucumbers!

IMG_4731a pretty sculpture in port huron, mi

IMG_4739florida shells in shadow on back porch

IMG_4709zucchinis and tomatoes! the green one was on the ground? i’ll try and ripen it in a bag.

IMG_4712first snap peas!

IMG_4685pesto is in our near future!