50619405686__ec400a1a-4d62-4750-82b3-8fefde7eeb2cthe new year has been filled with art projects! yesterday we had a great big kid hangout at school and I had two art projects going at the same time. i will share those two projects later. this one (above) is coming up in february: i washed all these stones a few times and they have been laying in this pile in the basement for a while. next month we are going to paint on them at school for a fundraiser hosted by the grandparents.

img_1039a rainy/snowy pickup day.

fullsizerenderthis is rough, but it’s my first time using paint pens. this is going to be the project for the fundraiser. we are going to write character qualities on the stones. peace, courage, initiative, justice, humility, etc…

fullsizerender-2our wee christmas tree in new buffalo!

fullsizerenderread this entire cookbook cover to cover in two days. incredible! can’t wait to try some recipes. thank you for this great gift. edible michiana is one of my favorite reads here.


img_0920img_0925my sister says that this should be sold with a complimentary epipen.

img_0885he loves the snow but it wears him out. He was totally asleep before this pic, but if he hears me move, he thinks i am heading into the kitchen…

img_0880img_0875816 closings and delays today!

img_0850i really dig this yogi brand tea.

img_0852my go to soup for healing: a whole chicken stuffed with herbs from the garden, carrots, pepper, garlic, onion, ginger, celery.

img_0856it is pure gold.