IMG_1344someone was using this as a vinyl protector! Mr. Albert is a legend! No offense to Bad Brains. They are an awesome band as well!

IMG_1389i can’t wait to plant all of these! lots of new stuff this year!

img_1211brodie got a new bed.

img_1213heading west to the lake.

img_1216passenger photos…

img_1217i was reading by the fire and looked over and noticed these guys having breakfast together. and one more thing. most of my favorite artists of all time are involved in this : Check this out

img_1189my youngest son took this photo this morning with my phone. the snowflakes were landing on the hood of my vehicle.

img_1163img_1180the grandparents fundraiser raised a lot of money for our little school. I had this activity for the students to take a break from dancing. we were using paint pens which are so fun! there was also a table to make string art peace signs!

fullsizerendertaken earlier this week from my car window’s point of view… it was “fair” to me that day. you could be outside, walk around in the snow, and not feel cold. today is another story. you can tell the deer are cold because they are laying down to keep their legs warm under their winter coats.

lately in michigan it has been like this. i was thinking while driving that it is like there is no color so i converted two images (all photos taken by our older son from the car). fullsizerender-2img_1075fullsizerender-3

50619405686__ec400a1a-4d62-4750-82b3-8fefde7eeb2cthe new year has been filled with art projects! yesterday we had a great big kid hangout at school and I had two art projects going at the same time. i will share those two projects later. this one (above) is coming up in february: i washed all these stones a few times and they have been laying in this pile in the basement for a while. next month we are going to paint on them at school for a fundraiser hosted by the grandparents.

img_1039a rainy/snowy pickup day.

fullsizerenderthis is rough, but it’s my first time using paint pens. this is going to be the project for the fundraiser. we are going to write character qualities on the stones. peace, courage, initiative, justice, humility, etc…