img_0773this played post election and it was so perfect and reminds me of another song…img_0822green tea will give you answers…fullsizerendermy good friend had an art exhibition and we bought this painting. Support local artists.


in november, our youngest son turned 12, i did not get the President i voted for, and the Avett Bros. made us happy for a while in Detroit.

img_0697i have been making these necklaces from lake michigan stones.


these are really the last tomatoes.

img_0693tonight is our first frost warning so we picked the remainder of the tomatoes. i’m not sure what will come of these. they might become salsa.

img_0604it is hard to watch the news, so i’m spending these early fall days preparing for fall and winter. the harvest has been good to us. i hope peace comes to everyone and wish everyone could have the garden to find solace. when the world ceases to exist there is always the garden.

img_0607i don’t know what kind of heirloom this is but it was tasty. the rain washed off all the names of the tomatoes. i try not to get political but i want everyone to know that there are two candidates out there that don’t get any press and they are working so very hard: Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, and Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate.

img_0609and if this doesn’t say it all…nature speaks to us…what more do you want? a heart shaped potato?! love conquers all.

from the garden to New Buffalo, MI to Douglas, MI and back home again. we came home to dahlias in bloom, and lots of tomatoes and cucumbers to enjoy. next…school.

IMG_5487waiting for his turn.


baby carrots from the garden. i almost forgot that we had planted the seeds.