this was taken last week on a sunnier morning.

pea growing up. planted on march 30th. it’s 46 degrees today.

Can you spy the 2 rows of swiss chard planted next to the garlic?

well, we woke up to this. it snowed around this time last year, but no accumulation really. this year is stuck. the only thing i planted was potatoes, peas, and some swiss chard. the potatoes were starting to come up and they look fine. i didn’t notice any other seedlings coming up. i am happy to report that our third attempt at planting asparagus has given us two spears so far! maybe it will like this spot?

on another note: wordpress continues to allude me. i may switch to some other platform to share garden thoughts in the near future. i’ll let you know!

look at that happy snow monster! this was taken yesterday. today it is 53 degrees! it’s like springtime! seed packets arrived monday and i’m eager to get planting in late May!

trying some new root veggies this year!

robins in a feeding frenzy today eating all the ilex berries (Ilex verticillata) or also known as Michigan holly. in our holiday planters. I’ve been contemplating planting some. so fun to watch them plunging their heads all the way into the snow to pull out the frozen berries. they are all fluffed up and very cute and seem to be looking at me to get them some more.

last ugly tomato that took the longest to ripen on the counter.

the thickest and biggest carrot.

the roundest and cutest carrot.

the tiniest and (runner-up to) cutest and roundest carrot.

things are coming to a close in the veggie garden. There is still another row of carrots and kale that are looking good and they should survive the frosts. nasturtiums and tomato plants need to be pulled out. Oh, there is one more row of cilantro left and that could be cut for taco tuesday!

while we were at the lake for the week it rained here. alot! the beans went crazy. i made stir fry with the red long beans, ginger, lots of homegrown garlic, red pepper flakes, carrots, tomatoes, green onions over cilantro rice, topped with cucumber and lime juice.

dug up the remaining potato plants and found some beautiful purple potatoes!

cosmos and nasturtiums booming in the potato bed. weeded that on sunday and put in some mulch between the fall carrot row and the kale. planted two rows of mixed lettuces. i’ve never planted a fall crop of these vegetables so we shall see what happens. so far, the kale and carrots are growing.

sunflowers are booming on the trellis and the cardinal climber blooms are so pretty. i have yet to catch a hummer checking them out. we have seen one hummingbird on the trumpet vine this summer and that is it.

my yoga friend that has a beautiful garden gave me two brazilian verbena plants. i’m hoping this takes off. i really like how this plant looks! it looks like its going to rain again so i better get those potatoes inside.

okay, wordpress has changed the formatting again, so i don’t know what i’m doing yet, but i pulled this out of the ground yesterday. twins!

here are some pics of the cardinal climber! the leaves are small and tropical looking. such a bright red flower, but quite a slow grower. i’ve realized that i am an impatient gardener. the top photo shows a mess of beans and tomatoes growing amongst each other.

the rudbeckia (black-eyed susan) bloomed quite late too and they line the south end of the raised garden bed behind our old bench. i have always wanted to have these in the garden. these were planted last fall. the bright yellow really makes me smile and they are always covered with bees.

just can’t help but share more photos of the nasturtium growing amongst the lettuce. more bright color in the late summer.

the gigantic joe pye weed this year! the butterflies and bees just love this plant and no wonder it smells so good. if you ever wonder about how plants get their names…if you subscribe to the nytimes you can find a story about it.

every photo posted today except the twin carrots was taken by my husband. thanks, love!

IMG_9395red noodle bean (pole)! we are going to try these tonight mixed in with the regular green beans. each bean makes about four regular size green beans! the leaves have a red tint you can see them in the upper right behind the cosmos.

IMG_9358triplet carrots!

IMG_9359IMG_9361ugly heirloom, but tastes great!

IMG_9375these have been curing down in the cool basement. I cut off the browned stems today. These should last until about February. I may peel and freeze some in olive oil.

Y’know what’s great about root vegetables? The deer can’t get to them!

IMG_9279doesn’t this carrot look like the martians in war of the worlds?

cucumbers are coming. we need to pick them young or the squirrels get them! this crazy shaped one was growing under the fence, when sliced: heart shaped! note to self: we need to plant more of these sweet tomatoes next year.