IMG_2889IMG_2896lakeside, mi

IMG_2914a tiny garden in a tiny alley in three oaks, mi

IMG_3013a new sunny spot for our little avocado tree.


IMG_2029awesome lake glass haul.

IMG_2847IMG_2854i took these earlier in the week. there were plenty of bees around then, but this weekend has been rain, rain, and more rain.

IMG_2837dicing beautiful potatoes grown in the garden.

IMG_2805IMG_2808i never saw you live, but you were the soundtrack of our generation. a million thanks.

Sometimes you’re happy
Sometimes you cry
Half of me is ocean
Half of me is sky, …

Some things are over
Some things go on
Part of me you carry
Part of me is gone

— “Walls (Circus)” Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers




IMG_2769IMG_2770IMG_2774first eggplant and nasturtium seeds for next spring!

IMG_2780a slow bee. i don’t think it knew i was there.

IMG_2788eggplant blossom.

IMG_2757my dear friend gave me these stunning purple/black icicle tomatoes this morning. should i eat one and save the other for seeds? i’m torn.