IMG_2149 an heirloom roma.

IMG_2153a cool typographic exhibit at the Henry Ford.



IMG_2193a yummy mint + cilantro (both from garden) + lime sauce with smashed red potatoes and fish.

IMG_2129we are having hard rain and these were knocked down this morning — not ripe yet. they are called yellow girl.

IMG_2134pretty wee pink and white blooms on the joiner cat mint. the bumble bees like it, so a few more days and i will trim it back low. the stem is square!

IMG_2136my new favorite garden tool. a rubber snake to protect the tomatoes! i have two and i move them around. i have lots of pigweed in this tomato bed. I bought the closest to resemble a corn snake. they didn’t have any snakes that looked like garters. found at the detroit zoo gift shop!

FullSizeRenderfirst lettuce of the summer!

IMG_2064garlic scapes. we grilled a quarter of them then made pesto from the rest.

IMG_2085first blackberries of the season. the boys wore gloves to pick these.

IMG_2089anyone know what this is? It smells like skunk. I thought it was greek oregano. I’m letting it go to flower so I can see what color it is. I have so many new weeds this year. I think our mulch from last year had lots of weed seedlings in it. No more delivered mulch!

IMG_2040my youngest son wanted to make his own juice (kompot) so we did this today with fresh strawberries, blueberries, and cherries.

FullSizeRenderdriving back from the west side of the state with stormy weather all around us.

IMG_6092The Avett Brothers in Kalamazoo, MI!

IMG_6095this sweetness will be 9 years old in August!

we went on a garden tour at Cranbrook Gardens. built in 1917 over the weekend. This circular tile facade on the boat house intrigued me. The artist is unknown.

I have lots of parsley and mint, so I made tabouli tonight. I have never added radish before but it added a nice crunch. P.S. If you don’t have a lemon and have lemon infused vinegar – that works great!



IMG_1800finished this yesterday. so interesting if you like to learn about coastlines.