IMG_9279doesn’t this carrot look like the martians in war of the worlds?

cucumbers are coming. we need to pick them young or the squirrels get them! this crazy shaped one was growing under the fence, when sliced: heart shaped! note to self: we need to plant more of these sweet tomatoes next year.

cosmos, nasturtiums, and finally we are getting cucumbers!

IMG_2754the one that did not get eaten! this was taken by my husband! how great is this?!

IMG_9183i noticed the cardinal climber finally bloomed on top of the fence! i almost missed it. it’s almost spent but the color is vibrant. i hope it brings in some hummingbirds.

IMG_9191the only remaining sunflower bud remains…will it be eaten? stay tuned!

IMG_9193i featured this coneflower last summer. this is in the buddha bed.

IMG_9195my first clafoutis! i thought this is such a super simple recipe for fruit and it was already to be put in the oven, and i looked over and forgot to add sugar! so i dumped it all out into a bowl and mixed in the sugar and it turned out fine.

IMG_9197IMG_9198dusted with powdered sugar. this is a great breakfast dessert. it features cherries, blueberries, and blackberries from the farmers market.

IMG_9167i forgot to include how the tomatoes are growing. i need bigger cages but next year i’m planting all the tomatoes together next to the fencing.

IMG_9169and earlier in the season i called this mesclun but it is romaine and so yummy!

IMG_9154this ripened in a bag on the counter. it’s our first biggie. i’ve learned to pick them before the critters get to them. a little banged up on the other side due to it was growing squished against the cage.

IMG_9156i’m proud of how the ajuga has spread in this pathway. i can’t really remember how i got this plant but i have it everywhere. there is another great ground cover here but i always forget the name of it and i’m trying to get it to take off in other areas.

IMG_9159i really love Solomon’s Seal and a clear pathway!

IMG_9163i planted 2 liatris in this bare spot where our elm once lived. I’m hoping it takes off in this area because after the bleeding hearts are done around here it looks a little too green. the people that lived in this old house had a scottish terrier named, Angus. Do you see his white doggie door on the garage in the background? there are two doors. inside the garage there is a square of cement with his paw prints and his name. i bet he was a better garden watch dog than our golden retriever.

IMG_9165we are averaging three carrots a day here! There is one sunflower left that has not been eaten so i may take a picture today from the top looking down because i fear it’s not going to survive the deer.

IMG_9139i made this for my favorite father-in-law for his birthday! rhubarb, blueberries, and raspberries.

IMG_9142the beans are coming in fast and i don’t know how i missed this one. i planted this new climbing clematis in the veggie garden called, “cardinal climber”. it’s a beast. it attacks all the vegetables and wants to to strangle them so i’m thinking this is what happened here. supposedly the cardinal climber is going to bloom in august and will attract hummingbirds. i’m hopeful. today it was great in the garden, not too hot with a breeze.

IMG_9082IMG_9100IMG_9085snap peas and green beans are coming every day! i made a rhubarb, blackberry, and peach cobbler over the weekend.

the fossil i found in the garlic bed is called brain coral. According to Paleo Joe: “Ok that is not a native Michigan fossil. More common in Florida and more recent. Someone brought it up and discarded it. Same happened when I was a kid. People would bring conch shells up to NY and then toss them out or move and leave them in garden beds.”

it’s going to hit 91 degrees today, so i thought i would check on the garlic and most of it was ready! yesterday i checked on the carrots. i think they have a couple more weeks to go. and this bizarre fossil like thing came out with the garlic. it looks like coral to me but maybe it is a petrified vegetable stalk? doesn’t it look like snakes swirling around? i’m going to soak it and see how it cleans up.


IMG_9034cosmos are blooming amongst the potato patch.

IMG_9036IMG_9037i think the potato blooms are so unusual and pretty.

IMG_9038i love this gorgeous matte purple color!

IMG_9039this is a radish flower. i don’t seem to have good luck with radishes and i read all the time that they are so easy to grow! frustrating but the heat we are having has made them bolt and the bees love them so i just let them do what they want.

IMG_9042look how big the scarlet kale is! i need to pick these today! little nasturtiums are popping out in front!

IMG_9044peas are finally starting to bloom and climb up the fence!

IMG_9045i’m very happy that the milkweed i moved to the back fence got big and bloomed. the monarchs are flying around it!

IMG_9048IMG_9051it was hard to decide if i liked the one bee shot or the two bees. look how beautiful the veining is in the leaves!

IMG_9053IMG_9055i want to have the very tall version of this plant in our garden somewhere that i see in everyone else’s garden. i mistakenly bought the medium size a couple years ago…

Our local CSA farmer, Helen Chandler wrote this in one of her weekly emails. It moved me so much that I asked her permission if I could include it in my garden blog. You can check out her farm here:
“I also encourage my fellow white people to stay emotionally involved, stay focused, and stay in the uncomfortable place of awareness. It would be easy to let all the feelings that have risen up over the last month to sink into the background. That is part of white privilege. That is something that people of color aren’t able to do because they are faced with systemic racism every day. Don’t succumb. Use those feelings of discomfort to take an action- one action towards positive change this week. Read something, have a conversation, sign a petition, show up to a protest.”

IMG_8981potatoes will be ready soon!

IMG_8983i love the leaf on this nasturtium that popped up from last year.

IMG_8984a lot of mesclun, weeds, and radish. we need to eat this fast or its going to go bitter.

IMG_8988love the color of this flower! so bright!

IMG_8990hoping nothing eats this tomato before its ready to be picked.

IMG_8993I can’t remember if this pretty orange flower is from the scabiosa seedlings? looks like Buddha has a orange beard now.