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IMG_4057IMG_4049he was in his bed, tired, and looking cute…


IMG_4016IMG_4017Our magnolia smells so good.

IMG_4026a new houseplant! The directions say it needs hardly anything at all! Old Man’s Beard (Rhipsalis Capilliformis)

IMG_4037found this under a fallen blue spruce branch. hollowed.



won this at our local nature society’s silent auction! we have two different trilliums in our woods but i have never seen this one anywhere. hopefully when we are frost free i’ll plant it and it will survive. just two drooping buds when i won it. just love that light behind the bloom. our last frost date is between May 11-19th. we are usually in the clear after memorial day. some say: mother’s day. the asparagus is popping up so we may be in the clear. look for that photo soon!

we travelled to Pittsburgh for Easter weekend. we visited Fallingwater (that is where the hellebores are blooming!), the Andy Warhol museum, hockey game, saw rent!, and the Senator John Heinz history center.

IMG_3641did i understand most of it? no. i am a fan of Bob Dylan, but not one that knows all and studies his work deeply. this book did open my eyes to Dylan’s work and made me appreciate poetry and history a little more. Dylan came into my life early when my grandfather surprised me at Christmas and gifted: Highway 61 Revisited. He was a big band musician! i did not know who Bob Dylan was. I was 8 years old! It was never explained, but as an adult, now i know. he knew good music and appreciated what art is.

IMG_37015-9 inches expected between now and tomorrow.