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IMG_1677asparagus coming up!

IMG_5939yellow trout-lily among variegated solomon’s seal.

i just love the handwriting of this thai takeout near us.

IMG_1631amazing sweet aroma.

IMG_1611my youngest took this photo at the Detroit Zoo. this place is amazing.

IMG_1543go put your records on and enjoy this book…

FullSizeRenderfilling out a form to volunteer this summer…

we had been watching these two all weekend. it was warm, they were active, we would cover up the nest before nightfall. monday was bringing rain so i got the wheelbarrow out to cover the area and it seemed like there had been no movement in nest all morning. i reached in and they were cold. they had not survived the night. i brought them in to warm them up. four hours later, still nothing. i wish i had done something sooner when they were active. maybe i spent too much time around the back garden cleaning up – keeping mama away? either way, i’m sad. i fell in love with these two littles.