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IMG_3452potatoes from the garden for new year’s day dinner.

IMG_3457so cold today he’s been carrying his blanket around all morning.


decided to make these for Christmas dinner! thanks for the idea, Joycie!

i took these from my passenger window. 6-10 inches of lake effect snow was predicted, so we decided to come home to bring in the new year.


in seattle outside the children’s museum they are making a plastic cap quilt! those are zip ties holding it together on a type of wire fence.


IMG_2889IMG_2896lakeside, mi

IMG_2914a tiny garden in a tiny alley in three oaks, mi

IMG_3013a new sunny spot for our little avocado tree.

IMG_2029awesome lake glass haul.

IMG_2847IMG_2854i took these earlier in the week. there were plenty of bees around then, but this weekend has been rain, rain, and more rain.