IMG_2627IMG_2629the bull’s heart tomato are ripe and they have been through a lot this season. this picture is a week old. there are many on the vine that are ripe and i need to pick them before the stink bugs suck the life out of them. stink bugs are upon us now and they are all over our screens. today is the last day of summer and it feels like august. cukes are done. potatoes are harvested. lettuce, collard, and kale are saying, “what’s going on?”

IMG_2612IMG_2613cleaning out the fruit bowl…

IMG_2592first avocado.

IMG_2593praying mantis on solomon’s seal.

FullSizeRendersomething has been munching on my kale and collard rows all summer so i took two seedlings and hid them amongst slow-growing eggplant, leek, and garlic and they survived there.

IMG_2573olive oil + sea salt + pepper + garlic + red pepper flakes + kale + spinach = yum

IMG_2532found this one in the garden today.

IMG_2544two large trays of potatoes harvested today. lots of fingerlings!

IMG_2513good friends deserve homemade pie.