IMG_2837dicing beautiful potatoes grown in the garden.


IMG_2805IMG_2808i never saw you live, but you were the soundtrack of our generation. a million thanks.

Sometimes you’re happy
Sometimes you cry
Half of me is ocean
Half of me is sky, …

Some things are over
Some things go on
Part of me you carry
Part of me is gone

— “Walls (Circus)” Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers




IMG_2769IMG_2770IMG_2774first eggplant and nasturtium seeds for next spring!

IMG_2780a slow bee. i don’t think it knew i was there.

IMG_2788eggplant blossom.

IMG_2757my dear friend gave me these stunning purple/black icicle tomatoes this morning. should i eat one and save the other for seeds? i’m torn.



IMG_2627IMG_2629the bull’s heart tomato are ripe and they have been through a lot this season. this picture is a week old. there are many on the vine that are ripe and i need to pick them before the stink bugs suck the life out of them. stink bugs are upon us now and they are all over our screens. today is the last day of summer and it feels like august. cukes are done. potatoes are harvested. lettuce, collard, and kale are saying, “what’s going on?”

IMG_2612IMG_2613cleaning out the fruit bowl…