IMG_2483IMG_2488IMG_2489crinoids are from 500 to 300 million years ago. they were plantlike marine animals that lived in vast meadows rooted to the bottom of the warm, shallow coral seas that washed over the earth half a billion years ago.



IMG_6316something about this painting intrigues me.

IMG_6324hiking in turtle creek preserve in new buffalo township, mi. our dog tried to grab these from me. our oldest said, “He must have smelled chicken.”

FullSizeRenderthis was yum.

IMG_2382an ‘orange slice’ heirloom tomato. i will l share when i slice it.

IMG_2387more pesto!

IMG_2364protecting the basil. it was almost cut in half. glad i saw it.

IMG_2374first pesto harvest and pesto making. this time i had a lovely sous chef! thanks, honey!

IMG_2338zucchini, cukes, and more tomatoes! i disturbed the chipmunk this morning – was fussing non-stop at me.

IMG_2339zucchini sautéed with lots of fresh herbs, garlic and onion.

FullSizeRender 2we had some big laughs when MS3TK came to town.

FullSizeRenderi took this from my windshield. Cranbrook Institute of Science has amazing native species plantings all around the parking structure and buildings. It is really amazing. The butterflies and bees are in abundance.

IMG_2330Lebanese Squash. this is a variety that you will find stuffed with lamb or rice in Lebanese cuisine. i just sliced it and sautéed it in olive oil with salt and pepper and it was so good. this bed is crowded a bit and i’m afraid the bees had a hard time pollinating so i need to go in and cut back some big leaves and see if i can get a few more started.