abandoned project

this is a sketchbook project i have in the back of my mind to finish. i found it recently cleaning out my office – phrases collaged to make letterforms made from my poppop’s letters to me. it took forever to do this one piece.

still jammin

jamming at The Fillmore in Detroit.
It has been 25 years since I last saw Bob Weir play!
Now I feel really old.


tiny screen has all their attention while waiting for dinner.


IMG_4151fun with ice

we were having fun with this deep freeze. popsicles for birds, sun catchers and water balloons that turn into gems.

a heart

my son saw a heart in a rubber band so i told him to take a picture of it.

IMG_4043Naples, FL pier

watching the pelicans


a really late photo from fall that i’ve been meaning to share. the potato harvest was small but varied this year! this was the largest of them all.


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